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Home » Q & A » Eliptical

Questions & Answers about Eliptical

Question #1: How often should I get on my Eliptical Machine?
Hi! My husband just surprised me with an eliptical machine yesterday (YAY!!!), and I am not sure how often I should use it and for how long each time. First a little background: I am 23 years old, 5'4", 143 lbs, WAY out of shape (even though I don't look like it, I get winded just walking up the couple flights of stairs to my apartment!!), I have a 2 year old son, I sit at work all day, and then I come home and sit on the couch all evening watching TV. Also, I eat a lot of high calorie foods and sweets (but I drink mostly water, and one can of Diet Coke a day). I am not willing to change my diet (at least not yet!), but I am willing to work out as much as it takes to get more energy and improve my flabby body. Anyway, I need to know how many days a week I should use my machine starting out, and for how long each time. I used it last night for one of the 20 minute programs, and I almost died! Seriously, I was thisclose to falling off when the time was up!!! I am not sore at all today!Is it normal to not be sore when I felt like I was dying last night. My legs were shaking so much that I could barely stand. I expected to be feeling it today, but since I'm really not, I worry that I didn't get a good workout. Also, according to the computer moniter on the machine, I only burned 121 calories.I am a beginner and have no idea what I am doing, so please answer as if you are telling a kid what to do! Lol! Thanks for the great answers so far, btw! I am freaking out a little about needing to do at least 30 minutes, but I WILL do it!

Answer: you should do 3 days a week at least and probably half an hour. you might need to work up to that though if you were really winded after only 20 minutes. keep with it though, and you'll get there.
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Question #2: eliptical trainer under $500?
Can anyone recommend an eliptical trainer under $500 thats good but not too expensive? suggest a brand/model or maybe a website that does side by side comparisons. I'm looking for something that offers different levels of restistance and some training programs. I don't need fancy add ons but would like something with training programs. I just require that it runs well and smoothly. I have used an eliptical before and loved it, now I want to own one. Answers regarding eliptical trainers only.I eat well and love to exercise I am not going "not exercise" and just flush my system with detox products, thats stupid. I am looking for real help for picking out an eliptical machine. if you can't do that then don't bother answeringok, anything in the $500-1,000 range is ok too. I'm on a budget and can't afford a $2,500 precorat least the "detox" answer dissapeared. Felix I do not need weight loss products. Stop assuming I'm fat and need to loose weight! can't a girl exercise at home?

Answer: You get what you pay for. I haven't seen any quality ones in that price range. You might want to look at or even to read reviews of any in which you might be interested.
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Question #3: What's a better overall workout? 3 miles on the treadmill or 3 miles on the eliptical?
I usually walk/run 3 miles on the treadmill but yesterday I tried the eliptical for the same distance and noticed I burned a considerable amount more calories. Are elipticals the better bet for an overall body workout?

Answer: Eliptical is better, you get uppwe and lower body work out
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Question #4: I know this is stupid but im trying to learn every thing i can and in aswners ive seen "eliptical" wat is it?
i have no idea what an eliptical machine is lol sorry but please explain is it at the gym? what does it look like?

Answer: "Eliptical" means that it moves in a circular motion, but not in a perfect circle, in an oval shape. It is best described by how the planets revolve around the sun. An eliptical machine is like a stationary bike or a stairclimber, but your legs go around in an oval instead of a perfect circle.
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Question #5: eliptical while trying to conceive?
can i do elliptical while iam trying to conceive?so should i quit it and just do the regular treadmill...

Answer: It shouldn't matter unless you never did this type of thing before you were trying to conceive. No matter what, the sperm are going to attempt to get to your egg...
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Question #6: Does an eliptical work out your body more than a tredmill?
I'm wondering what one to buy. Tredmill or Eliptical. What will i get better results with or are they the same. Whats more worth my money?

Answer: I say the elliptical. You are using more muscles and are making larger movements which in turn burns more calories
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Question #7: Which exersize machine is better, tredmill or eliptical?
ok so i have strong abs but you cant tell becasue of the fat on the top, most poeple tell me to do sit up but that only strenghtnes my abs and i want to see my abbs soo is the tredmill better for your abs or is the eliptical better for your abs?

Answer: Id go with elliptical- builds muscle which burns fat and its a great fat burner but instead of just burning fat and adding a minimal amount of muscle like from the treadmill.
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Question #8: Swimming a mile vs. an hour on the Eliptical machine?
Which is the better exercise, if any difference at all? Swimming the mile (approx 88 lengths of the pool I use) or an hour on the eliptical machine. Thanks in advance.

Answer: An hour on the elliptical will burn alot more calories and fat..... swimming is a very good exercise though.
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Question #9: is the eliptical 'safe'????
My dad told me that the eliptical isnt as good as the treadmill because the eliptical builds up 2 much muscle and that u end up having really muscular legs- more than you should. is this true??? i am trying 2 lose weight and have been using the eliptical - will i get overly muscular???? is one better than the other?

Answer: that is false! Eliptial is a great way to tone your legs and thighs. it is also good in strecking out your hamstrings. The treadmill will give you stronger calfs bu the eliptical is good
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Question #10: Eliptical vs. Treadmill!!!!?????? please read!?
My dad told me that the eliptical isnt as good as the treadmill because the eliptical builds up 2 much muscle and that u end up having really muscular legs- more than you should. is this true??? i am trying 2 lose weight and have been using the eliptical - will i get overly muscular???? is one better than the other?yes i am a woman :)

Answer: That is completely untrue. The only way to actually build muscle is to lift weights and if you are a woman it is even harder to pack on muscle. An Elliptical is a great piece of cardio equipment and is not a muscle builder in any way.
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