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Smooth 7.1HR Pro Folding Treadmill
Smooth 7.1HR Pro Folding TreadmillHighly praised for its innovation, power features and history of stability, there's no wonder the Smooth 7.1HR is considered a "best buy" in treadmill ratings. The Smooth 7.1HR Pro lives up to its reputation by delivering many exciting features. These features are what set the Smooth 7.1HR Pro apart from the competition in various treadmill ratings. Many are exclusive to Smooth and cannot be found elsewhere.
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Bowflex Home Gym

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Q: I was just wondering if anyone has used the bowflex and did you like it. Please let me know your results also. I'm also dieting with weight watchers and walking but I need to add something else.

A: I have had a Bowflex for a couple of years now and it's just like EVERY other piece of home fitness equipment out there. It's as good as the use it gets.You can work out by lifting furniture and walking around your home and you'll gain something just from that.I think it's great, the only thing I wish I had done was get the one where you don't need to change the attachments from arms to legs to shoulders, etc.

Q: I am thinking of replacing my Exercise Bike. I know a few people with the Ellipticals. Are they better? I had a NordicTrack Skier and hated it. Is that comparable to an Elliptical? Thanks for the great answers.

A: elliptical is great!! It is low impact on the joints and you can get a good cardio work out on it

Q: Just got new home gym . . need workout routine?

A: You should start out slowly. Do at least 5 reps. in a set. At least once a day. Your workout should be at least 1 hour long.
Q: I've been reading that carbohydrate-electrolyte solution drinks are good for keeping the energy up while cycling & that they're actually better for performance than plain water. What exactly are these drinks though? I've been told by a family member that they're just energy drinks like we can buy in a sweet shop, but I thought those soft drinks were full of sugar & not so good for us at all. Could you help to clear this up for me & explain what exactly carbohydrate-electrolyte solution drinks are. Thankyou very much.

A: These energy drinks (gateroade, red bull, monster, ect.) add more electrolights and boost up your energy and your heart rate and then bring it down 5 min. later if you drink it while you're not exercising, especially red bull. That's why you should only drink energy drinks if you are going to exercise.

Q: I just bought a treadmill and work out at home and i was wondering how come when i get off after a workout i am off balance? does this happen to everyone. heartrate is normal but a little unbalnced when i step off treadmill.

A: You are not unbalanced, but u are use to the motion of treadmilling. After running on the same spot for some time ur brain gets use to it and when u get off, if feel's like ur still on the treadmill cept ur feet arent moving...just walk it off and itll be gone within a minute.