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Questions & Answers about Exercise Bike

Question #1: Exercise bike?
I would like to know of some good brand of exercise bikes that are available worldwide..and how many minutes should I spend on it to lose @ least 300 calories per day

Answer: get an eliptical bc you only have to spend like 30 min to burn that!! and plus to me they are much easier but still make you burn a sweat!
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Question #2: Exercise Bike???
Well i just goin to get one and i was thinkin how many cals can u lose in a day if u workout for 1 hours thanks!!!???

Answer: you burn around 1500-2000 ive heard
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Question #3: Exercise bike...?
I bought a stationary exercise bike and set it up in front of the TV. Problem is... I'm incredibly lazy and unmotivated!Any tips to help me stay on for more then 5 minutes?I desperately need motivation!!!!

Answer: sell it and get a real bike then you can get out of the house.
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Question #4: How should I exercise on the exercise bike????????
I am trying to lose 10lbs through a fitness and healthy eating regime. Unfortunately I am quite unfit, and I find that walking very briskly is the best way for me to exercise without giving up due to tirednes. However, it is coming into winter and it gets dark here at about 6 o' clock, so it not really safe for me to walk at this time, also I am taking an important exam this year, so exercising in the house would be much easier to fit into my schedule. My family has an exercise bike, and try to make an effort to use it, however unfortunately I find it extremely boring. I cannot do vigorous peddling for more than 20 secs without giving up. Can anybody give me some tips about what way to exercise on it, that is I would REALLY appreciate it if you could give me a detailed plan of how exactly to do it, e.g. 3 minutes at this many rpm followed by..The functions on my bike are rpm, speed , time and distance (doesn't say what unit used,I presume km as this is Ireland) Please help me!!!Sorry, forgot to add that my bike also has up to 15 levels of resistance! As I mentioned before, I really would appreciate help!

Answer: Get a TV in front of it and watch your favorite show/movie.Ipod or other music device.Book.I started out at Level One Manual/Hills for a week then went up to level Two, etc...
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Question #5: Interval training on an Exercise Bike?
I will begin interval training on my exercise stationary bike at home soon/eventually. Im building my stamina and basic fitness first from scratch by building my time to 30 or 45 mins max at moderate intensity of maybe 60-70% HR.My question is that once i am used to being on the bike for 30 mins or 45 mins max (depending by then as to what feels right) how then should I begin my interval training, ie can someone help recommend what the basic interval session could be and thus how to then improve on this and then what the end point is if there will be:eg: Time of the whole session, how many interval and how many rests both of how long and also why you recommend this to begin with and why you suggest expanding/increasing it in the way you suggest.Thank you in advance xps: Any websites to help will be appreciated too thanks (sites that offer guidline as to how to begin and progess ideally please) x

Answer: Start with three minutes easy riding, warm up, two minutes moderate, one minute fast, two minute moderate, one minute fast, one minute moderate, 30 seconds fast, one minute moderate, thirty seconds fast, two minute moderate, 1 minute fast, two minute moderate, three minutes slow. alternating cycles like this burns more fat, while not over training muscle to maintain an anabolic state.More or less cycles depending on your goals.Your heart rate can be less involved with this system, but here are some basics on HR. Beginners-your RHR (resting heart rate) should not exceed a 50% increaseIntermediate-60% RHRElite-70%Hope this helps. Let me know if you need further assistance.
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Question #6: Looking for a PC Compatable exercise bike?
I am looking for a recumbent bike that has the ability to interface with a computer via usb to track my exercise results. Even a good piece of software to do this would be appreciated (mac osx)I have found a few bikes, but I am looking for something in the sub $750 range.A few things popped into my head..How hard would it be to modify an existing exercise bike to transmit the stuff it dumps into it's computer into mine? Is there any sort of kit I can attach to any recumbent bike to track the statistics?Thanks for your time.

Answer: Several ways to go but the recumbent might make things difficult. A power meter is the best system. Check out the link for several brands and prices. A PowerTap rear hub could be built up for the recumbent which will tell you everything you need to know and then some. The cheapest PowerTap system is less than a grand. Look on EBay for deals. Software is free with the PowerTap system. Cycling Peaks software ($100) also works with any power meter system currently available.There is also plenty of trainers that hook to a computer. Performance and Nashbar both carry one. Your recumbent would work on them too.
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Question #7: exercise bike confusion???
i got an exercise bike and after cycling for about 10 minutes the display for calories says 4.34 does that mean i only burned like 4 calories?

Answer: Yes. At most you will burn maybe 600 an hour at full speed. It isnt as much as you think it will be.
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Question #8: walking or exercise bike, which is better?
im on a diet and trying to lose weight, about 50 pounds, im 27 5'7 and 220. i know everyone says a brisk walk in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism for the day, so my question riding an exercise bike in the morning as good as going for a walk, i wake up at 430 am so i would rather do the bike thing in my home rather than go outside so early for a walk, but if the walking is much better then i will do that. so im wondering if they are the same or is one better than the other?

Answer: From what I heard, walking is better because it puts your whole body into motion.Your arms move with your legs as you walk.You just move your legs when you bike.
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Question #9: walking or exercise bike question?
i know everyone says a brisk walk in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism for the day, so my question riding an exercise bike in the morning as good as going for a walk, i wake up at 430 am so i would rather do the bike thing in my home rather than go outside so early for a walk, but if the walking is much better then i will do that. so im wondering if they are the same or is one better than the other?yes i am trying to lose weight

Answer: biking i reckon is much more healthier...coz ur basically working out ur whole body....walking is great too...but u need to go quite a distance for a healthy start...but personally i prefer biking coz u can watch ur fav tv show while ur at it..
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Question #10: Exercise Bike?
I am unsure what kind to buy. I have had a stroke and I also have High BP but want to buy one to ride during winter. Has anyone bought an AirBike where you can change resistance. What is the best kind to buy. I also have hip problems so don't want to aggrivate them.

Answer: This past March we bought a bike and love it its adjustable made really well and you sit in it more like a chair than a bike so you can ride it longer. heres the link.
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