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Questions & Answers about Whey Protein

Question #1: whey protein help?
hav som questions about whey protein. Whats the best kind, that isnt fattening and is not whey concentrate!!! and if 2 take it in the moring and night? or after u work out? ETC.. THANK YOU

Answer: Proteins are large organic compounds made of amino acids arranged in a linear chain and joined together by peptide bonds between the carboxyl and amino groups of adjacent amino acid residues. The sequence of amino acids in a protein is defined by a gene and encoded in the genetic code. Although this genetic code specifies 20 "standard" amino acids, the residues in a protein are often chemically altered in post-translational modification: either before the protein can function in the cell, or as part of control mechanisms. Proteins can also work together to achieve a particular function, and they often associate to form stable complexes.Like other biological macromolecules such as polysaccharides and nucleic acids, proteins are essential parts of organisms and participate in every process within cells. Many proteins are enzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions, and are vital to metabolism. Proteins also have structural or mechanical functions, such as actin and myosin in muscle, and the proteins in the cytoskeleton, which forms a system of scaffolding that maintains cell shape. Other proteins are important in cell signaling, immune responses, cell adhesion, and the cell cycle. Protein is also necessary in animals' diets, since they cannot synthesise all the amino acids and must obtain essential amino acids from food. Through the process of digestion, animals break down ingested protein into free amino acids that are then used in metabolism.The word protein comes from the Greek πρώτα ("prota"), meaning "of primary importance" and these molecules were first described and named by the Swedish chemist Jöns Jakob Berzelius in 1838. However, proteins' central role in living organisms was not fully appreciated until 1926, when James B. Sumner showed that the enzyme urease was a protein.[1] The first protein to be sequenced was insulin, by Frederick Sanger, who won the Nobel Prize for this achievement in 1958. The first protein structures to be solved included hemoglobin and myoglobin, by Max Perutz and Sir John Cowdery Kendrew, respectively, in 1958.[2][3] Both proteins' three-dimensional structures were first determined by x-ray diffraction analysis; the structures of myoglobin and hemoglobin won the 1962 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their discoverers.
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Question #2: Whey protein promoting...?
i have EAS 100% Whey Protein low in carbs/fats/cal .. etc etc(female..21yrs old) will it promote my weight loss?i'm trying to lose 20-30lbsi walk//jog 4 days a week & other cardioplay tennis .. strength train should i take it before or after working out?? how many times a day?can i replace one meal with it? thx 4 the info!

Answer: yes.
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Question #3: Whey Protein?
I recently just bought a jug of whey protein. It says to mix one scoop of whey with a glass of water or milk three times a day. I was wondering, will the whey protein still help to bulk you up even if you aren't lifting. Like if you were to take it in the morning and afternoon even if you didn't lift until late night?

Answer: Better not to take it late at night. It's like a replacement. This is to built your muscles and strengh. If you work out, it help you, if you dont't it might make you get heavier. Just like, let's say : meat, where you find protein.
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Question #4: whey protein?
ok so i am a girl and i run i dont want to gain weight or anything but i just like protein shakes. do some people drink them just to be healthy and not to gain muscle or anything also how does drinking whey protein help you more than just eating a lot of chicken?

Answer: Whey protein is the best natural gainer...Try maybe egg white protein if you dont want to bulk up and drink it only right after working out - you dont need more, get the rest of protein from food.
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Question #5: whey protein..increases anxiety??
okayyy so does whey protein increase anxiety?? i'm trying to lose weight..and i was going to use whey protein (after workouts) and to replace 1 meal with it..but i don't want to use it if it's going to promote anxiety ( i have EAS 100% whey protein) rt_whey_01.htm!

Answer: I've been taking about 100grams of whey per day for the last two months. It doesnt seem to increase anxiety.
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Question #6: can i add whey protein after my cardio excercises?
im women and going to 30 years old. im doing my weight loses, do i need took whey protein after cardio excercises? is that neccesaary to add whey? or do i need took amino tablet? my target is losing body fat.since i took whey protein, i feel my body getting fat, and the weight is up.

Answer: your trying to LOSE weight and your taking PROTEIN POWDER? WOW LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Question #7: Whey Protein?
Is Why Protein good for losing weight? And when Should it be taken?

Answer: dunno
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Question #8: Whey protein?
What is it really intended for? And if taken, does it add any weight? Like if you are trying to lose weight and also weight lifting, would it be a bad idea to take it?

Answer: Whey protein is intended to be a very fast absorbing source of protein in order to increase muscle mass. The primary use is to take it right after your weight lifting session.If you are trying to burn fat at the same time, I think I would do your weight lifting first thing in the morning, followed by a serving of whey protein as soon as you do your last set, followed by a 2nd serving 1/2 hour later, followed by a meat and vegetable meal 1.5 hours later, followed by another meat and vegetable meal 3 hours after that. And eat a bit of protein every 3 hours. Late in the day go for a run for at least 18 minutes and don't anything high in carbs before bedtime.Gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time can be tricky and you have to balance the carb and total calories carefully.
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Question #9: Whey protein question... Any help will be appreciated?
I am a 15 year old guy, who just bought a pouch of whey protein for $4. But I have a couple questions...1. It has 60g of protein but says it is for ONE shake, any way i could divide this up into 2-3 drinks? (Its kind of expensive)2. Is it bad if I dont use it consistently? If I have one every other day for the next week then dont use it again for awhile is that bad?3. How should I divide it up? It says pour into glass w 12 oz of cold water... how much water should i put in if i only use 1/2 or 1/3ANY HELP!? Thanks Brian

Answer: Umm...Being 15 your body cant handle 60 grams in one serving. It can handle about 30. Buy a jar of it the packets are a waste they take too much screwing around to measure out. Also the part you dont want to hear...You are only 15 and your body hasnt fully gone through puberty yet so dont expect to get huge off of anything....And try and use it consistently if you take it.
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Question #10: Whey Protein?
Hello,I tried searching for an answer for my question but after sifting through 9 pages of Whey protein questions I decided to ask my own. So this is not the first time I have taken Whey Protein, its just that I started to lift weights again and I wanted to do it smart this time. My last rotation of working out just included drink Whey before and after my workouts but I was curious, am I supposed to drink Whey during the resting days between my workouts? and just hypoteicaly , if I was not able to work out for about a month due to work, should I still be taking Whey?

Answer: There is a 40 minute window of opportunity starting about 10 min after you drop the weights when you want to ingest 20 g of fast digesting protein and 40 to 80 grams of carbs, depending on how much carb you burned during your workout.Using whey protein outside this window will tend to contribute more towards building fat than muscle, because it will leave your stomach quickly and you will be immediately hungry again.When you're not working out, you still need protein, but not the kind of blast that the protein powders give you. My diet is 20% protein, 30% fat, 50% carb. You can get this protein from just about any good protein source: meat, fish, egg whites, milk, even legumes.
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