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Questions & Answers about Body Building

Question #1: bodybuilding?
im 12 years old is it ok for me to start body building? and does it really stunt growth?im 12 is it ok for me to start body building? and does it really stunt your growth? cuz right now im lifting 50 pounds

Answer: it depends on the person but yea its possible.
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Question #2: bodybuilding???
hi there right basically i started going the gym because i want to have the physique of a bodybuilder not the crazy pro ones which look like apes but great stomach legs biceps triceps and of coarse a good arse. anyway im finding it hard to loose my stomach fat i ahvently gone completley off carbs and ahardly eat green veg i eats alot of fruit tho and take in lean meats such as chicken turkey and ham.i also eat potato but no fries crisps/chips i only eat like a baked potato or something were carbs are conserned i ahrdly do any cardio shud i step up my cardio alot ???

Answer: If you want to lose fat then yes step up the Cardio. You need Carbs when training, otherwise you will have no energy and feel like crap.
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Question #3: Bodybuilding help: Do I need to get 'ripped' before I try to bulk up?
I've only recently tried actively and consistenly focusing on weight training/bodybuilding. I have been working out on weights over the past 2 or 3 months with some results, but I have started getting suggestions that I should focus on getting ripped and loosing all the fat that I have and then try and bulk up from there. Is this the right path that I should take or is it possible to do both at the same time? I would very much like achieve my end results as quickly as possible and ripping then bulking sounds like it will be longer in the end run, not to mention that I wouldn't mind avoiding the cost of getting something like BSN's TrueMass as I try to bulk up. I will probably post this question at, if some of you see it there as well. Thanks for all your help in advance.

Answer: well bulking up and getting ripped are different things so you can do either or bothbulking up is building muscle mass whereas getting ripped is reducing fatgenerally speaking you would want to build body mass all the time and only get ripped just before a competition - also, by depriving your body in order to get ripped you are likely to reduce your potential muscle massso, concentrate on building mass and dont worry about getting ripped
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Question #4: bodybuilding?
i need info on where to get roids in the uk.. or if anyone is selling em

Answer: WHY??!?!?! Does having abnormally large muscles mean so much to you that you're willing to sacrifice you're mental stability and shrink your penis (yes they do do that) ? Why don't you just stick to doing it without them?
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Question #5: Bodybuilding Question..?
Are there any energy drinks or shake mixes that include most of what is mentioned below. There are tons of different supplements to control different things during bodybuilding. Is there anything that has all of it in one.. * Protein * Creatine * Glutamine * Multi-Vitamin * Natural Test Booster * HMB * Growth Hormone * NO (Nitric Oxide) * Anti-Estrogens * Protein Bars * Amino Acids * Methoxy, Ecdy * ZMA

Answer: Nope
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Question #6: Will bodybuilding combined with aerobic and agility training produce better results than bodybuilding alone?
I've seen bodybuilders with muscles that look disgustingly big (the type that have veins popping out; they look like they can barely move because their muscles are so big).I've also seen people who have very large muscles, but they look better overall (they look like they're very athletic and that bodybuilding isn't their life).My question is: Does aerobic, agility, and endurance training combined with bodybuilding produce those better results? I.e. Will a bodybuilder that has muscles with better slow-twitch and fast-twitch capabilities look sexier to the opposite sex than a bodybuilder who bench presses 400 and squats 600 but can't run at all?

Answer: Professional bodybuilders don't lift weights to look appealing. They do it because that is what they love to do. If someone wanted to look hot, they would combine weight lifting with cardio to get the bast out of their body. Bodybuilders aren't athletes, they are monsters. A little skinny guy of 100 pounds could beat the stuffing out of a professional bodybuilder because of what you said, they can barely move. Its great to have huge muscles, but too big is just stupid.
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Question #7: Bodybuilding?
How would you get into that profession ?

Answer: Go to and read articles.
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Question #8: bodybuilding supplement hair question?
this probably sounds like a dumb question but do certain bodybuilding supplements cause thinning of hair? ive been on no xplode, cellmass, and some gnc protein for a while. I also got a buzzcut with a #4 blade a few days ago and noticed my hair was thin. I dont know if the girl cut it incorrectly or what but I was wondering if supplements could be linked to that.

Answer: I took creatine and it stopped my facial hair from growing for a week or so, then I was back to normal.
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Question #9: bodybuilding?
i have started gym an i want to eat the right food each day,people always say eat the right food no fatty foods, they say eat chicken, can sum1 actually give me a list of foods which wil help me bodybuild a good balanced routine for the week, i dont eat pork or drink alcahol plus i have got whey protein shakes, p.s if i am building my body do i need lots of protein???????by the way i am 17, pretty skin but have good defination

Answer: Okay log onto and look up the ABS diet. They will show you everything you need to be eating to maintain a lean body while preserving muscle. Yes you nee to eat more protein than a non-bodybuiler. 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight will be sufficient. Dont get hung up on just eating chicken. The abs diet tells you to eat lean means and nuts for protein as well as whey protein shakes.
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Question #10: bodybuilding?
What are those belts that some people wear at the gym for. I am 16 and train very hard 6 times a week, and hoping to make it to the top. should i be wearing one?thank you very much

Answer: they help protect ur back when lifting a lot weight. My advice 2 u would b get even if u dont need now ull need it in the future.
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