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ProForm - 400 GL Treadmill

Total-body cardio.Get a complete cardio workout with the ProForm 400 GL Treadmill. The powerful 2.75 THP Mach™ drive system is strong enough for any fitness enthusiast. The ProTech™ impact absorption will protect your joints during your workout. QuickSpeed™ and Power Incline™ controls let you change your speed and incline instantly. The ClearView™ display gives you easy access to your workout feedback. Six preprogrammed workouts, Carb Counter™ and iFIT® compatibility will ensure that your workouts stay exciting. And you'll even get an upper-body workout with the set of 2 and 3 lb. hand weights that are always in your reach. To learn more about motor horsepower and other treadmill features, see the Buyer's Guide.

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