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ProForm - Recoil™ Strength System

Get a slimmer, more defined body with the ProForm Recoil strength system. A wide range of circuit-training exercises pumps up your heart rate and helps you lose weight by targeting every major muscle group in your body. Strength training develops calorie-burning muscles that help you lose weight even when you're resting. The high pulleys allow you to perform over 15 club-quality exercises, and the low pulleys enable you to perform over 40 exercises, all with a full range of motion. The innovative resistance system allows you to change your level of resistance quickly and easily, with up to 240 pounds of maximum resistance. The Recoil comes with a free exercise chart and DVD to help you perform each exercise effectively. 100-lb. Recoil Upgrade Add the 100 lb. upgrade to get up to 340 lbs of muscle sculpting resistance. The resistance rod attaches in minutes.

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